MW Architects Inc. is a client based architectural studio led by architect, Michael Peachey and Wayne Stuart. Together, they bring over 45 years of experience in all aspects of the development process, including team building, project development and approval, budgeting and cost negotiations, and contractor coordination.

Their approach is collaborative. Rather than approach each individual project with a single theory or concept, MWA demonstrates options and helps the client make the most informed choice. They lead each client through every phase of design and construction, from napkin sketch to finishing touches. MWA works with groups and individual clients in a participatory design process that emphasizes the building of dynamic, connected communities. They maintain a good working relationship with a network of consultants who are experienced in the field of sustainable design. Along with these consultants MWA seeks to involve the contractor early in the process in an effort to optimize project team interactions and the contributions each project player has to offer. MWA balances innovation with response to the siting and massing of buildings, their context and landscape. They look for creative ways to harness natural light and integrate it with the interior lighting. MWA believes in spaces, not simply plans. This philosophy requires critical attention to ceilings, the often-overlooked “fifth wall”. They are committed to structurally sound, watertight, and durable construction practices. They work closely with clients in selecting material, textures, and color, and consequently with builders on details and craft. MWA is committed to designing buildings that incorporate resource efficiency, energy efficiency, and healthy environments. They have included the following strategies in their designs; Passive and active solar space heating, solar heating of domestic hot water, energy crafted building envelopes, high efficiency appliances, water saving devices, improved indoor air quality via healthy building materials, superior venting and ventilation systems, use of local resources, and preservation or restoration of landscapes.

At MWA, cutting edge technologies including 3D modeling and animated walk-throughs are employed in an effort to enhance the client’s ability to visualize the building and make further informed decisions. These progressive technologies help MWA to more clearly develop projects, choose materials, and present projects to a wider audience.



Michael’s exposure to world architecture started at a young age, while traveling the globe with his father who served in the Air Force. During high school, his Grandfather, a Building Inspector, provided the impetus to explore the world of architecture. Michael worked in the construction trades as a concrete laborer, roofer and framing contractor. His ventures eventually led him to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1979, where he entered the five year architectural program. Prior to his fourth year, he received a full scholarship to study in the Ecoles D’ Art Program in Fontainebleau, France. After graduation in 1984, he supplemented his considerable drawing talent with CAD and hand drafting while working for several A/E firms.

In 1987, Michael was a founding member of the firm of APS Architects Inc. Through the years, design excellence and technical competence on many differing projects has expanded Michael’s reach and resulted in a wide variety of project experience and client relationships. To date, project experience includes complex commercial developments such as professional, industrial, medical, research and development, food service, mixed use-retail, hospitality, winery, and tenant improvements. Michael also has extensive experience in single and multi-family housing, including custom residences, remodels and additions. Over the years at APS, his experience and involvement resulted in many award-winning projects, notably the San Luis Obispo’s Downtown Center, which has been instrumental in revitalizing the local downtown.

In 2000, family and community became an important factor in the future of Michael’s career. After 20 years of marriage, Michael and Pamela were blessed with their first child. This life change served as inertia to practice architecture in a less than corporate way and develop a smaller company to service the unique needs of the development community. Michael left the corporate firm of APS in August of 2002 to start the company of MW Architects Inc. Today, Michael enjoys the flexibility of the new company, the exciting work and the time to spend with family. Balance is an important component to a strong family and business relationships.



Wayne brings years of practical experience to the project team, having worked extensively in many areas of building technology. After completing college he began employment in the construction field, concurrently seeking an opening in the architectural field. Subsequent to securing a job with an architect that offered both architectural and construction services, he gained extensive experience in both fields.

After 5 years as a youth minister he spent the ensuing 11 years operating his own design firm. During this time he was invited to design a wide variety of projects, including a furniture factory in Malaysia with housing for 1,000 factory workers. His knowledge and tutelage enabled several members of his office to expand their professional careers. This unfortunately left him shorthanded and in search of his next development. He decided to expand his experiences and found a job as a project manager with an architectural firm in San Luis Luis Obispo. This is where he met Mike Peachey and they became a team working successfully on many projects.
Another opportunity became available, working for a larger firm, which after a year did not go in the direction he had hoped. At this time, Mike Peachey was leaving his current firm and was looking to put the previously successful team back together. Wayne agreed to partner with Mike and form MW Architects.

From these varied experiences and personal gifts in leadership, management, and organization, along with his love for the technical side of architecture, Wayne is committed to quality, not merely getting plans through requisite processes.